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Mr Johnson's small animal treat range - NIBLETS

Mr Johnson's small animal treats - Niblets


Judges’ comments: Everything is right about this product, from the great packaging to the excellent ingredients. Customers can see what they’re buying – there is no rubbish, dust or mess. This was an outstanding winner.

Mr Johnson’s Niblets are a range of delicious, nutritious treats for small animals, blended from a variety of wholesome ingredients that are loved by small animals.
These treats are a little different; they don’t come in the form of sticks, bars, or biscuits but are a blend of natural ingredients loved by small animals that can be fed as a treat.
They can be sprinkled on their food, fed from the hand or from a separate dish.   
There are four treats in the Mr Johnson’s range:-
Two are suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, chinchillas:-

  • Mr Johnson's Fruit & Berry Niblets 110g - containing juicy fruits & tasty berries a mouth-watering treat
  • Mr Johnson's Carrot & Bean Niblets 150g - containing delicious dried carrots & crunchy beans a wholesome treat

The other two are suitable for hamsters, gerbils, rats & mice:-

  • Mr Johnson' s Carob & Mealworm Niblets 150g – containing tasty carob & nutritious mealworms a flavoursome treat
  • Mr Johnson's Mixed Seed Niblets 160g – containing a blend of natural seeds a tasty wholesome treat

Additions to the Niblets range launched January 2016
At Mr Johnson’s we have brought out nine new treats to add to the existing four in the Mr Johnson’s Niblets range, which was launched in March 2015.

The existing four treats are selling extremely fast and have been well received by retailers and consumers alike.
The new treat range consists of:

  • Three tasty crunchy bar twin packs – in Summer Fruit, Vegetable & Dandelion and Herb & Carrot varieties.
  • Three delicious types of salad - Dandelion & Lemon Balm, Herb & Nettle and Rosehip & Banana varieties.  All contain wholesome ingredients that pets will love and encourage natural foraging.
  • Two wholesome biscuits type treats – Parsley & Fruit rusks; rusk size biscuits that contain natural parsley and delicious fruit.  Beetroot & Mixed Herb Niblets; medium sized nuggets packed full of goodness.
  • Last but by no means least, two natural crunchy dried maize cobs that can be hung up inside a hutch or cage, small animals will just adore them.

With retail prices between £1.60 and £3.00 there’s something to suit every purse.