Mr Johnson's poultry range:

Natural, balanced and nutritious to help keep your poultry healthy and productive made from only natural ingredients.
Also available in handy carry-home packs for optimum freshness
Range consists of:-
Mr Johnson's chick crumbs
Mr Johnson's layer mash
Mr Johnson's layers pellets
Mr Johnson's mixed corn

Feeding Guide:

Domestic fowl like to forage naturally for a high proportion of their dietary intake, especially in the spring, summer and early autumn months.
However, this natural diet needs to be supplemented with additional vegetable material and commercial feeds especially in the winter months and when rearing young birds.
Layers mash, layers pellets & chick crumb should be fed in a quantity that the fowl will consume within one hour or so of being fed. (This is a guide only.)
Their food can be fed from a seed hopper, trough or bowl ensuring any container is washed and disinfected  regularly to avoid infection.
Mixed corn - mixed corn can be fed as a treat in addition to their normal feed and is ideal along with layers pellets for scattering on the ground for feeding which encourages natural foraging and scratching behaviour. Fresh water should always be available.
Mineralised grit is needed in order for the birds to successfully grind their food and oystershell grit in order to help ensure sufficient calcium levels for good egg production.

Mr Johnson’s Natural oyster shell grit 1kg - Oyster shell grit (soluble grit) dissolves in the digestive system, providing the bird with extra calcium for strong bones and good strong egg shells.

Composition: Oyster shell; Application: Dispense from a grit hopper or a suitable container.

Mr Johnson’s Natural poultry grit 1kg -Natural poultry grit (insoluble grit) is essential for a hen’s health as it helps grind their food down as it passes through the gizzard aiding digestion.

Composition: Flint grit; Application: Dispense from a grit hopper or suitable container.



Layer mash: Wheat,barley, wheatfeed, extracted sunflower, limestone, soya.
Layers pellets: Wheat, barley, wheatfeed, extracted sunflower, limestone, soya.
Chick crumb: Wheat, soya, wheatfeed, barley, peas, extracted sunflower, full fat soya, vegetable fat, limestone, salt.
Mixed corn: Whole wheat, kibbled maize.

Analytical Constituents:

Layers mash: Crude protein 14%, Crude fibre 6%, Crude oils & fats 2.3%, Crude ash 13%.
Layers pellets: Crude protein 14%, Crude fibre 6%, Crude oil & fats 2.3%, Crude ash 13%
Chick crumb: Crude protein 19%, Crude fibre 4.5%, Crude oils & fats 4%, Crude ash 5.7%
Mixed corn: Crude protein 11%, Crude fibre 1.7%, Crude oils 4.5%, Crude ash 2%


  • Available in 5kg & 20kg bags
  • Natural, balanced and nutritious for healthy and productive poultry
  • Made from natural ingredients