Mr Johnson's Supreme CHINCHILLA & DEGU FOOD

New recipe with added  Verm-X®

Mr Johnson's Supreme CHINCHILLA AND DEGU FOOD is a nutritious and wholesome pellet  - supplying your pet with a tasty, healthy food high in fibre to aid the normal digestive function and to help with dental wear. Chinchillas & Degu’s require a diet high in indigestible fibre, low in sugar and fat.

Mr Johnson’s Supreme CHINCHILLA & DEGU FOOD is a complementary feed and should be fed along with unlimited access to good quality hay which is an important source of fibre and an essential part of your pets diet. A small quantity of fresh greens & suitable vegetable should also be fed daily and fresh clean water must always be available.

Changing your chinchilla & degus diet:

Your chinchillas or degus diet should never be altered suddenly as abrupt changes could trigger digestive upsets, especially in baby chinchilla's & degus  or when they are stressed (for example if they have moved to a new home). If you want to alter your pet's diet, it is recommended that this change takes place gradually over a 7-10 day period. This can be done by mixing small quantities of the new food with their existing food and increasing the proportions until it is fully changed over.

Feeding Guide - Chinchilla & degu:

Feeding guide:                         Growing                 Adult

Chinchilla   & Degu               32-45g/day              30-40g/day

This is a guide only.
A chinchillas & degus diet should be made up of a high proportion of fresh clean hay an essential fibre source. This should be fed along with Supreme chinchilla & degu food to ensure they receive a balanced diet that meets their dietary needs.


Wheatfeed, oatfeed, grassmeal, extracted sunflower, barley, soya, vegetable fat, limestone, salt, dicalcium phosphate, verm - x herb blend.

Analytical Constituents:

Crude protein 17.0%, Crude fibre 14.5%, Crude oils & fats 4.4%, Crude ash 7.6%, Calcium 1.0%,Sodium 0.18%, Phosphorous 0.6%



  • Available in 900g & 20kg bags
  • Carefully formulated, high fibre pellets for optimum health
  • Cereal and cereal extracts for balanced nutrition
  • High protein Soya bean meal
  • With ground grasses for nutrients and digestible fibre
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Plus Verm-X herbal blend to promote intestinal health
  • Mono-component pellet prevents selective feeding