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Mr Johnson's are members of
The British Waterfowl Association (BWA).

The BWA is an association of enthusiasts interested in keeping, breeding and conserving all kinds of waterfowl - wildfowl, domestic ducks and geese.
They are a registered charity dedicated to conservation, education and preservation of all types of waterfowl & wildfowl.
One of the Objectives of the BWA is to provide facilities for the education of the public to the greater appreciation of waterfowl.
For more information regarding the good work the BWA undertake you can visit their website at

Interesting Wildfowl facts:

  • Duck" is the common name for waterfowl of the family “Anatidae", which also includes geese and swans.
  • Estimated around 162 species of ducks, geese and swans are found throughout the world
  • All species are aquatic, with webbed feet and a broad, flattened bill. Their feathers are waterproof which stops them from drowning.
  • Ducks, swans and geese use them to paddle in the water and walk more easily on land.
  • Baby swans are called Cygnets, baby ducks are called ducklings and baby geese are called goslings.
  • Swans are amongst the largest flying waterfowl in the world with long necks and a wingspan of over six foot.


Mr Johnson's Wildlife SWAN, DUCK AND GOOSE FOOD

New Mr Johnson’s Wildlife SWAN, DUCK AND GOOSE FOOD is a complementary food for Wildfowl, this specially formulated nutritious nugget containing wheat, maize, fish meal and essential vitamins that wildfowl will love. It comes in perfect bite-sized pieces that they can easily manage to eat. 

Feeding Wildfowl

When feeding wildfowl everyone thinks about feeding bread but this isn’t the best choice. Bread isn’t that nutritious for birds so feeding bread can lead to vitamin deficiencies and uneaten bread can affect the cleanliness of the water, lead to greater algae build up and encourage vermin increasing the risk of spreading disease. 
Feeding ducks, swans and geese at local ponds, parks & rivers can be an enchanting experience for all ages. This pastime is undertaken by thousands of adults and children every week. It can be very beneficial for the birds particularly at certain times of the year when food can be scarce or feeding is difficult.

Mr Johnson’s Wildlife SWAN, DUCK AND GOOSE FOOD, fortified with vitamins floats longer so the birds have a better chance to eat the food. Many birds will eat the food while it is still floating on the water while some breeds prefer to eat it from below the water line. This means not a single nugget will be wasted.

It is safer to feed wildfowl while they are in the water rather than while they are on the bank, not only are the birds safer in the water they also need to eat the food with water to aid their digestion. 
Scatter Mr Johnson’s swan, duck and goose food across the surface of the water as wide as possible, enabling many birds to reach the food without overcrowding. Allow the birds to eat what’s been offered before throwing out any more.


Wheat, wheatfeed, maize, soya, fish meal, soya oil.

Analytical Constituents:

Crude protein 17.5%, crude fibre 4%, crude oils & fats 4%, crude ash 4%.

Nutritional additives: 

Vitamin A 17,000 iu/kg, Vitamin D3 1,500 iu/kg, Vitamin E 100 iu/kg, Copper 20mg/kg


  • Available in 750g bags
  • Specially formulated for floating longer
  • Tasty nugget
  • Fortified with essential vitamins
  • Contains wheat, maize & fish meal