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Mr Johnson’s Wildlife Squirrel Food


Mr Johnson’s Wildlife Squirrel Food provides a well-balanced diet squirrels love as it contains some of their favourite ingredients like mixed nuts, peanuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, wheat and oats, rosehips, and apple.

Fill the feeding station with the Mr Johnson’s Wildlife Squirrel Food and refill when empty. A constant supply of fresh water should always be available.

Your squirrel feeding station is best placed about 5 or 6 foot off the ground away from predators, the main predator in UK is the family cat.

Attach the feeder to a tree trunk, a high fence or wall. If you don’t have any of these locations you can place the feeder somewhere else suitable in the garden but recommend you site it off the ground.

Then sit back enjoy watching them feed and entertain you.


Mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, whole wheat, whole oats, peanuts, pine nuts, rose hips, apple, soya oil

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 13%, crude fibre 14%, crude oils & fats 26%, crude ash 4%

  • Available 900g packs
  • a blend of tasty ingredients
  • contains pine nuts, rosehips & apple
  • full of essential oil & fats

Feeding Advice and Petcare Advice for Squirrels

We have a huge amount of helpful information about feeding and general petcare in our petcare section.

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Where Can I Buy Mr Johnson’s Petfood?

Mr Johnson's range of foods are available from all good pet shops. If you can't find what you are looking for please ask the retailer who will I am sure be only to happy to get it in for you.

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